The Magic of Escorts Air Dance

A personal escorts dance is where there is no physical contact between the two people. This dance is usually done in places where the cops have recently busted the club for contact dancing.

Cage Dance

cage dance
This dance is done inside of a cage, either in a private room or in the club itself. The performer moves and dances seductively inside of a cage and can also strip while dancing.

Couch Dance

An exotic dance in a private room on a couch, sometimes it may include full contact nudity depending on the club or the laws in its country. It can be also known as a “lap dance”.

Shower Dance

shower dance
This is an escorts dancing performance where the dancer takes a shower in a seductive manner in front of an audience, mostly in nightclubs. The escort dancer also can bring a portable pool to the stage and take a bath as part of her act.

Gown And Glove Dance

One of the fanciest forms of striptease, the performer is usually elegantly in an evening gown and elbow-length gloves; the performer removes one glove at the time, in a teasing manner. Then, she takes the evening gown off the same way she did with the gloves while dancing to the music.

Lap Dance

A lap dance is one of the most popular exotic escorts dancing in the clubs, the dancer can striptease in front of the client while dancing to the music. Then, the dancer slowly haves more physical contact with the client. In most nightclubs, the client is not allowed to touch the dancer, or the dancer can not be completely naked due to the laws and club’s policies. In some cases, the client and the dancer can have full physical contact and the dancer can be completely naked while giving a lap dance.

Exotic dancing has become part of many clubs, activities, and parties. The majority of people shame the dancers for having a disrespectful job like exotic escort dancing; however, throughout the years more women and men have been more interested in having a job doing escort services and exotic dances due to economic issues, or they just simply like it. These dances can also be performed by your partner and yourself as a fun, private escort session between the two.