Modern Adult Dating Advice

dating practice
From Snapchat to ghosting, modern dating can be complicated and hard to understand. So, if you’re one of the millions of singles who’s out there dating in 2019? Listen up, it’s brutal, but with some good adult dating advice from, you can even the playing field. A lot of people, including both men and women who are finding themselves back on the open market after years or even decades of being in a relationship are equally scrabbling around this bottomless gauntlet.

What to Avoid?

dating adviceOne of the biggest mistakes that people make who have been domesticated is the first date. Their game may have worked back in the day, but now it’s way off, and they don’t have a clue on what to say, what to do, what to wear, or where to go? The best adult dating advice you’re going to get today is to avoid the first date until you have practice dated.


What is Practice Dating?

Practice dating is just what it says it is, practicing your dating skills and upping your game. You may have been a player in the past, but this is 2019, and the rules have changed. Don’t worry you’re not alone, but on the other hand, you are or you wouldn’t scouring the internet or using a Smartphone to get hooked-up. The good news so is everyone else. Welcome to 2019 and 21st Century dating at its finest.

2 Ways to Practice Date

1. BFFs

dating helpIf you have a BFF who can help you and put up with your shenanigans? You can ask them to pretend to be your first date; however, this does require a friend who can be serious because this is not a laughing matter. If you suck on your first date, you will not get a second one with that person. Worst yet, you could get ghosted? In old-school terminology, it simply means they stop all communications with you.


2. Escorts

If you don’t have BFF who can seriously help you or you don’t want to get ghosted? Escorts are the best choice for practice dating. You can tell them this is a practice date, and you want them to help you, and guess what? You’re going to get schooled, but all in the right ways.

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