Dating Tips for Gen-X

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Modern dating for the Generation X could be like Janis Joplin screaming on Bobby McGee’s Facebook page or Jimi Hendrix playing “ All Along the Watch Tower” on Trump’s Border Wall? Both of which, never happened, but the point is that modern dating uses different lingo like twerking, ghosting, BFF, jump-off, MILF, shorty, TTYL, CU46, GFY, and other coded messages that take a 10-year old a second to decipher, and the Gen-X scratching their heads?

When it comes to adult dating advice for the Generation X, the days of peace and free love isn’t as easy as a hook-up in the back of a classic VW bus stuck in the mud at Woodstock. Modern dating in today’s world requires knowledge of acronyms, emojis, Gifs, and having a clean background. Google, makes it quite convenient for anyone to Google your name, even escorts in Manhattan find out in seconds if you’ve been naughty or nice?

Modern Dating Rules for Gen-X

dating tipsIf you’re 420 couch-locked in this language, you might want to retire the water-bong, and dab your way around it because things are not what they used to be. Below are three tips to help you break through the barriers and improve your chances of hooking-up before you go on a date with someone you really want to KOTL (kiss on the lips). As you can see, you’re starting to get the gist of it now. LOL


Tip #1: Don’t Ghost Anyone but MegaDate Instead

Dating several potential candidates is good and modern adult dating advice, and also is known as MegaDating. Don’t limit yourself to just one date or spend too much time on one person because it may not work out, but be respectful and don’t ghost them. Ghosting is when text messages and calls abruptly stop because someone isn’t “feeling it” anymore. There might be a change of heart later on and something about the person that you didn’t see before?

Tip #2: Avoid Aggressive Text Messages & Emojis

It’s common knowledge that everyone loves emojis, and they add some flair to our text messages, but when it comes to modern dating? Don’t get too aggressive with text messages or emojis. Recent data suggest that online dating profiles that are hammered with emojis give the impression of being less intelligent. Sending too many text messages can come off as being aggressive in the same fashion as sending too many emojis.

Tip #3: Don’t Be an Internet Stalker

The digital age and adult dating advice can be a double-edged sword, especially for Gen-X dating. Thanks to social media platforms and the internet, people can meet in ways they never have before; however, don’t be an internet stalker. What may seem like a few harmless messages to you, may have the opposite effect on the person you’re sending them to. It’s better to send one message and wait for a reply before you send another one.

Modern Gen-X Dating Solutions

dating tipsJust like Google can air your dirty laundry free of charge, it can also help you find some adult dating advice and solutions. There are a number of online classes that you can take, 24/7 online dating gurus, ebooks, and resources available online. You can also try practicing dating with your BFF before you go out on a date or utilize an escort for practice dating. Help today for adult dating advice, and Generation X is always just one click away.