Learning About The End Of Orca Breeding With SeaWorld Breeding Programs

SeaWorld has once again made the headlines of various news sites. After the large number of picketers, complainers and negative media that results from the so called corrupt business practice has finally been heard by SeaWorld. The sources of Suggestive for SeaWorld have for many years avoided the backlash surrounding SeaWorld but now, the result of animal abuse and so-called endangerment to the lives of humans, they have decided to put an end to the orca breeding program.

The orca breeding program has been used for years and has kept their hands in breeding to control the isolation population within the organization. There will finally be an end to the number of orcas that are being born into confinement or being raised simply for showroom audiences. Each day, orcas are put on display for others to see. It is these types of shows that keeps SeaWorld busy and in business each year.

What visitors need to know about the orca shows is, they are still wild animals and should be cared for like you would care for an orca who was stranded in shallow water. You’ll have to remember that orcas in the end are still mainly just wild animals and since they are a natural born predator, they should be treated as such.

Travelers and animal rights activists have been complaining from day about the environment that orcas are forced to live in. The activists stand firm on their belief that removing the orcas from the wild and placing them inside of a structure that has been made by man is not going to make the orca any less of a wild animal. The people who started SeaWorld didn’t care that they were removing the orcas from their homes and placed them inside of a structure which would be where they spend the rest of their lives.

An orca is a natural born predator and simply giving them, a cute name is not going to change the fact that they first were born in the wild and then removed to live in a tank that confines them to a small enclosed area. The orcas are forced to spend much of their day’s training to be used as show animals. The same type of activity is what circuses do with elephants, tigers and other showcase animals. Just like in the circus world, the animals are forced to work to put on a show for the audience much like what SeaWorld is doing with their killer whale shows.