Traveling with Escorts and Friends – What it Means to Not Travel Alone

Traveling can be one of the most gratifying experiences. Meeting new places, new people, different cultures and the history of countries and nations. Understanding different perspectives and changing your way of looking at things. When you travel, you learn, and you feel a more significant sense of freedom and purpose.

Traveling alone, however, can be a great experience at first, but you can’t always know, for sure, that things are going to go well for you. Traveling can be extremely enlightening, but being far away from your family, away from your home, belongings and loved ones, can be very hard.

Why Travel with Escorts?

traveling with escorts We, travelers, are always recommending to new people and experienced tourists alike, to have a traveling companion to go along with you. Everyone needs a buddy when traveling, be it your best friend, your university teacher, a dog, or a fish. Having someone to talk to (even if they don’t answer you back) is always refreshing. More than that: It has been shown that traveling with someone else profoundly increases the bond that you have with that person, because of all the crazy and beautiful things that you can experience together.

If you don’t have a best friend, or he cannot travel with you, or you can’t take your dog to an airplane – obviously – We highly recommend an escort. Escorts can be funny, entertaining, great friends, even for a lifetime, as well as the best type of companion to take with you when traveling because of their vast experience with going from one place to another. Escorts in Manhattan, for example, know their way around the airport, the touristic destinations, and the best places to eat.

Here’s a personal story of an experience I had when hiring an escort to help me with my trip to Brazil.