17128387458_7f4815ff6fChoosing a rig for vaping when you are first starting out can be a daunting task. Dual coils? Rebuildables? And what exactly is mAh? Truth is, you could be just as likely to jump on the first ecig that someone throws at you. Don’t be fooled. No, it doesn’t take an engineering degree to start vaping. If I could suggest – take a look at KangerTech products. I personally use the KangerTech Evod rig, and let me tell you why.


For someone who has a very busy life, the Kanger EVOD vaping starter kit allows you to use a “plug and play” mindset. You can charge your battery, fill your tank with the juice flavor and nicotine level of your choice, and go to town. It is a simple and straightforward introduction to vaping without all the false starts that a lot of us had that were early-adopters of the vaping lifestyle.

The other wonderful thing about the Evod, is that it allows for 3-piece construction; you have your tank, the coil, and the bottom-mount the coil sits in. No fussing with drip-tips, no fussing with wayward o-rings, and no frustration in building your own coils. Being that the wicking occurs at the bottom of the tank, this also allows for a better absorption than the eGo clones you see at your local corner store. This means a more consistent vaping experience, and let’s face it, fewer of the dreaded dry hits.

No, you won’t be winning any cloud-chasing competitions with an Evod, but you will have plenty of pleasurable vapes with satisfying clouds considering that you can buy coils ready to go with the Evod tanks – tested for their Ohm rating and available in convenient blister packs. Kanger’s most recent model of the Evod, the Evod Mega (very reasonably priced around $30) allows even the newest vaper to venture forward into the world of velvety fogs without out much investment or headache in dealing with new vaping technology.

Going with the Evod also allows for growth in your vaping rig adventures. Want to try a new tank style? KangerTech has got you covered! Want to try your hand at rebuilding coils? You can test your skills with that too!

All in all, going with a KangerTech product of any type is a win/win situation. Kanger is lauded as the gold standard of vaping products – from the Aero to the ProTank in tank styles, and everything from a fixed voltage cylindrical battery to the boxier style (and powerhouse capability) of their new NEBOX. That isn’t to say that there aren’t platinum-standard unicorn vaping rigs out there, but if you are just starting out, you can’t go wrong in going with Kanger.


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