City of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is renown worldwide for its many cultural and architectural landmarks, such as the Concertgebouw, the Van Gough Museum, the Anne Frank house, and the city’s wonderous canals. Days and even weeks are spent exploring these national treasures by visitors from around the globe who arrive each year to sample the unique experience that this vibrant city offers. From the exquisite landscapes of the Vondelpark to the magnificence of the Hermitage, travelers to Amsterdam are awed by the old-world charm and enriching artistic splendor that this city lays out before them.

The Red Light District.

There is a different section of Amsterdam that is equally as famous as the landmarks mentioned above, and that is the Red Light district. In this part of Amsterdam, visitors and locals alike enjoy the spicier side of the city and partake in the enjoyment of activities that are of a more adventurous nature. This area of the city, also known as the Wallen, is the oldest part of the city and features many mainstream attractions, such as canals, great restaurants, fascinating architecture, and pubs. The coffee houses found in the Red Light district are well known for their relaxed atmospheres and exotic cannabis menus.

The Red Light district in Amsterdam is like Disneyworld for adults. There are so many things to do and see that it would take days to explore the entire area. The nightclubs are a great deal of fun, with eclectic music and dancing that is different from anywhere in the world. Classic Danish pubs lend themselves to hours of enjoyment while soaking up the local atmosphere and imbibing excellent native beer and cocktails. Strolling around the ancient cobblestone streets sampling food from vendors and patronizing interesting shops is also a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

People who indulge in various forms of cannabis will find no shortage of fine establishments that offer selections from around the world. There is comfort in the fact that this indulgence is perfectly legal and this makes the experience all the more rewarding.

Exciting Highlight of The Red Light District

Perhaps the most exciting highlight of the Red Light District is one that caters to the sexually adventurous. The city of Amsterdam takes a realistic and modern approach to the sex trade, and it is in the Red Light district that people enjoy these pleasures without fear of recrimination. Here, what some call the world’s oldest profession is safely and responsibly practiced to the delight of those that wish to participate, and stunningly beautiful professional escorts are available to satisfy healthy desires.