The killer whale is not ever going to be considered a domestic animal and they are given strict routines which can lead to distress on the animal. When the killer whale is under the stress it is forced to live with, they are prone to becoming violent.

SeaWorld was forced to learn about what happens when a killer whale is volatile when under distress. The killer whale, Tilikum had been part of the breeding program that SeaWorld has been using. It was his DNA that passed down to over half of the killer whales which are captive today. While Tilikum was used as a breeder, he was not always used for this purpose.

Tilikum first was found in Iceland where he was taken from and then relocated. In the 30 years that Tilikum was being raised, he was responsible for 3 deaths which resulted from training exercises between the orca and his trainer. When he was first acquired, he was under the care of SeaLand when he first killed a trainer. Once the trainer accident occurred, SeaWorld then became interested in him and brought him to their facility. SeaLand was forced to close their doors after the killing of the trainer and they were forced to sell him. Once SeaWorld purchased the orca, they observed the violent outburst which caused some suspicion about the level of dangerous he was.

A killer whale is not a normally violent mammal that seeks out humans to attack. While they are in their open habitats outside of the confinement of the auditoriums, killer whales survive on a diet rich in fish, seals and even penguins. When you remove them from their natural habitat, the orcas are forced to live in what appears to be a swimming pool. The killer whales are then forced to live in close quarters with other orca’s they did not choose to live with. This can cause the killer whale to become stressed and then become violent.

To help to prevent further outbursts from the killer whales, they are removing the breeding of the killer whale. The whales that are under enough stress as it is will have more time to swim inside of their confined spaces once the breeding program has been fully halted. The killer whales who are kept by SeaWorld is often under enough stress that their teeth become worn down from the chewing on the bars and cement within their confined enclosures. Being forced to live with other orca’s that may not be as friendly or inviting can be difficult which leads to the killer whales being bullied. When this occurs, the killer whale can suffer from scratches and gouges because of the attacks taking place and the fights they are greeted with.

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